Classic Bo’Bo’ at the scrap yard – republished from

“You should not become frightened: Kárpát Railways’ engine has just gone to work to Ereco in Kőbánya.
Since this summer, DB Cargo has also been carrying scrap metals from the Ereco waste recycling site of Kőbánya. Coming from the direction of Romania, the 28-wagon trains are pulled by one of the company’s own electric locomotives from Lőkösháza to Rákos Station, and then on the industrial siding tracks branching off from Rákos it is people and machines of Kárpát Railways that are active. Yet, there have been cases when Bo’Bo’ engines were not available, and as larger locomotives are not allowed to enter the industrial tracks, shunting services were ordered from Nosztalgia Kft. At these times, Nosztalgia sends Dacia engines to Rákos.

On 3 October, another empty set arrived at Rákos, while half of the train, 14 wagons were parked for loading with the use of Kárpát Railways’ Bo’Bo no. 449 021. Shunting moves took a bit more than two hours, and loading was expected to last for a few days, and when the first 14 wagons were finished, another diesel engine would come to change the wagons. At Ereco, it is still Rail Cargo Hungaria that loads scrap metals, but the mix at the nodal service point of Rákos has sharply shrunk in recent years. On many occasions, Bo’Bo’ no. 437 ambles with only one or two Egis tank cars from Ferencváros to Rákos and back.”