Ludmilla on the vicinal railway –

A six-footed giant visited the Somogyszob–Nagyatád railway line.

There is not much to photo during the monotonous workdays of a line with dead-end tracks. In addition to the everyday solo Bz engine runs, three times a week Rail Cargo Hungaria operates freight services with a re-motorized Sergei. Owing to certain local agricultural businesses, however, especially after harvesting, the engines of various privately owned railway companies also appear in Nagyatád. It is always the company, or rather the engine of the company that has had the best offer for the given direct train, and to the surprise of all on 11 October a train arriving from the marshaling yard of Szombathely and leaving for Switzerland after loading was headed by the grandiose Ludmilla no. 008 rented by GYSEV. The crew of the locomotive came from Kárpát Railways.

That train actually needed the 3000 horsepower.

Moreover, after the arrangement of the wagons, the engine stayed as a night guest at the Nagyatád station. During the upcoming days, it was in charge of changing the wagons and paying a visit to Dombóvár, the inauguration of the polishing workshop and the daily examination. Loading operations were completed on 15 October, and thus only the carriage and assembly of the wagons were still to be done.